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A business built on reputation, grown through genuine recommendation.



David Scaysbrook
& Kathyrn Scaysbrook

Australia, UK, USA

Referred by:
Penel McCarthy
& Dr. Tim O'Dowd Referred to:
Cape Byron Power / Cape Byron Management


QUINBROOK PARTNERS LIMITED: Logo design, business cards

PRIVATE ENERGY PARTNERS: Brand development, logo design, responsive website development, stationery

CLIMATE INVESTMENT PARTNERS: Brand development, logo design, website development, corporate brochure, digital presentation, stationery.

RIVER DRIVE GROUP: Powerpoint presentation

SUGA SUGA: product packaging, label design, promotional tools, stationery.

International renewables, clean energy, infrastructure, asset management, funds management, investment, retail

David Scaysbrook

We have used Julie exclusively on several new company launches since 2008 which were all demanding assignments. She offers a refreshing alternative to her over-priced and lavish competitors. She is intuitive, direct and incredibly efficient. Perhaps most importantly, she takes the time to understand your business and listen well to ensure she differentiates you from the crowd. As a result, we have found her services very good value for money. We cannot recommend her more highly.



Referred by:
David Scaysbrook

Re-branding, web development, signage, illustration.

Clean energy, renewables, renewable energy, biomass, power.

Ray Dib

Referred by:
Graham Budinger

SWITCH FINANCE: Brand development, full marketing strategy, Wordpress website re-design, stationery, conceptualisation, signage, sales tools, vehicle wrap graphics, social media graphics.

FOLIOPRO: Logo design

Finance, investment, lending, loans, mortgage broker

Ray Dib

Julie was recommended to me [by Graham Budinger, Signal Advantage/Signal Education/Signal Events], to assist with setting up a new brand which was something very alien to me. Wow I've learnt a lot since then! The service started with the creation of a business name and logo, then Facebook, Linked In, Twitter my website re-brand. Assistance with trademarking, signage for office and vehicle and promotional wear. The result has been great and the service end to end, and thanks for your patience with my ongoing naive questions.


Graham Budinger,
Maisie Budinger

Referred by:
David Scaysbrook

PROPROMO GLOBAL: Company logo design, subsidiary logo design, website concepts/design x 2, e-news template, business cards.

SIGNAL GROUP: Brand development, logo design, website design, video/animation, vehicle wrap.

SIGNAL ADVANTAGE: Tweak existing branding (logo and colour palette), establish brand standards, website revision recommendations and specifications including css and graphics, sales materials, e-blast templates (mailchimp), social media graphics, image editing, photography, stationery, signage, conference trade booth design, advertising, marketing materials.

SIGNAL EDUCATION: Logo design, direct mail catalogue, e-blast template.

SIGNAL EVENTS: Logo design, brand standards, website design css and graphics, trade booth design, signage, e-blast graphics.

SIGNAL HEALTH: Logo design

TSS FRIENDS OF CRICKET: Logo design, advertising, promo materials.

MAISIE BONITA STYLING: Logo design, business cards.

People identification, corporate, retail, medical, education, manufacture, wholesale, distribution, sport

Graham Budinger

Julie was hired by our business to freshen up our corporate identity and support in producing various social media images for our business. We were very impressed from the initial meeting through to the final delivery of the work. It's great to work with a supplier that is an expert in branding.


Wendy Ragg

Australia, Dubai

Over The Moon Club (current project)

Borderless Group: Brand development (current project)
Borderless Connect
Borderless Funding
Bordless Education
Borderless Health

AUSSIE BASES: Brand development, logo specification guide, brand positioning statement, copy writing, stationery, signage design, conceptualisation, website design, sales tools, advertising, promotional materials (large format posters, flyers, bookmarks).

HEAT WHEAT GLOBAL: Brand development, company share offer document, company profile document, share certificate, Austrade brochure.

HEAT WHEAT INTERNATIONAL: Brand and product development (redesign existing HEAT WHEAT PRODUCTS Logo and ULTRASHIELD Logo so as to retain brand recognition whilst raising standards), establish brand standards, logo development for RAPID RELIEF and ENSPARATION, logo specification guides, stationery, website design graphics and specs, forms, signage, sales brochures, product and packaging design, point of sale promotional materials, conceptualisation, posters, advertising

CAMBODIAN KIDS: Logo development, promotional materials.

Corporate, global B2B networking, international trade consultancy, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, exporting, distribution, global health, global education, humanitarian aid

Ray Dib

Dear Julie, Oh where would I be without you? You are a blessing. I was trying to remember how we first met all those years and so many pieces of artwork ago, but I can’t recall the introduction. I just know I could not have managed without you! You have not only become a great friend but so very professional and creative with your work, which just seems to get done amongst all our telepathic communication and a few emails. Your interest and enthusiasm in my projects never wains, although I really must test your patience at times with all my fussiness and details, good thing you are a perfectionist and understand. I don’t know where you get time, but the way you keep up with all the latest technology and refinement of the social media ways of measuring this and that to help your clients is an added bonus of working with you. The pressure you are under most of the time, I know is very wearing, as one person with a bunch of deadlines to meet every day, and you just get through it with a smile and go on to produce perfect print and production items. It must be tempting to put work out at times, but I love your integrity that you don’t do that and just work on for as long as it takes! You are more than “one in a million”, you are the only one of your kind and I appreciate you so much.


Prof. John Hermon-Taylor (Kings College London) &
Dr. Amy Hermon-Taylor


CROHN'S MAP VACCINE: Brand development, Wordpress responsive website design and development, social media setup, bio, media release design, information sheet design in multiple languages, app integration, JustGiving crowd funding design, Run For Crohns crowd funding design, image editing, team member, supporting graphics.

Medical, pharmaceutical, global healthcare

Prof. John Hermon-Taylor

Julie did a fantastic job designing our website and we've received so many compliments on it since its launch a year ago. She was also great to work with in every respect. I would highly recommend her work.


Thank you so much for everything you have done! It is a huge achievement and I felt very proud to be able to tell other researchers about it at the [12th International Colloquium of Paratuberculosis, Parma Italy 2014] conference.


Andrew Baildon
& Karen Baildon

Referred by:
Penel McCarthy,
Vanessa Wood

BAILDON GROUP: Strategy consultancy, brand development, logo design, web design and development, stationery.

SUPERFISH LEISURE: Brand development, consultancy, signage.

SUPERFISH SWIM SCHOOLS: Brand development (redesign existing logos so as to retain brand recognition whilst raising overall brand standards), website development and management, social media setup and graphics, stationery, forms, corporate brochures, offer documents/proposals, sales materials, POS promotions, vouchers, mail drop campaigns, training tools, signage, banners, advertising, photography.

SUPERFISH SWIM CLUB: Pro bono graphic design, social media and web support.

JETTS PACIFIC PINES & COOMERA: promotions, banners, social media and website graphics.

ANDREW BAILDON: Wikipedia profile editing.

Sport, health, fitness, recreation, gym, swim schools, aquatics, hospitality, retail

Karen and Andrew Baildon

McCoy Design has been instrumental in taking our business to the next level. We have been extremely fortunate to have Julie McCoy as an integral part of our business, with all aspects including brand development, web development, business proposals, stationary, forms, marketing and promotional materials, social media avenues and customer support. Julie has been an incredible force to work with and a very positive influence with our growth. She is very aware of individual clients needs and deadlines. She has an incredible work ethic, really cares and is the ultimate professional. We would be happy to recommend her for any stage of your business's growth.


Martin Warner &
Sarah Warner

Referred by:
Lyle Goschnick
BIZ Support

HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE AUSTRALIA: Raise and establish brand standards within the scope of the existing brand style guide from the USA, web design markup, forms, sales materials, signage, banners, conference support materials, special promotions, email sigantures, information booklets, stationery.

HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE FOUNDATION: Logo design, colour palette.

Aged care, franchising
Martin Warner

Julie McCoy has played an important role in the development of the Home Instead Senior Care branding. She quickly understood our business needs and responded with a range of creative options. Julie is supremely professional, efficient and organised. The quality of her work demonstrates an ongoing commitment to our business whilst her personality and grasp of our market dynamics makes it a pleasure to work with her.


Dr Tim O'Dowd

(former client with Fertility Gold Coast)

DR TIM O'DOWD: Web design and development, stationery, publication/paper, social media setup, social media graphics.

Obstetrics, gynaecology, IVF, medical, medicine, specialist services

Vanessa Wood

Referred by:
Penel McCarthy
& Karen Baildon

VANESSA WOOD INTERIORS: Brand development, web development, social media support, stationery, forms, sales tools, photography editing, conceptualisation.

JOINT VENTURES: Vanessa and Julie have collaborated on design projects, such as the rebrand of Baker's Club to Devour and the establishment of Grumpy's Restaurant.

Interior design, refurbishment, redevelopment, commercial, residential, resort

Vanessa Wood

In short, Julie is a remarkable talent. She is indeed blessed with an innate gift to be both technically at the "top of her game" whilst also managing to instill an enviable level of creativity into her projects.
In my case, she fully appreciated my lack of technical know how and showed patience and understanding during our collaboration. Explanations were clear, proving that Julie also insists on keeping up with every latest technical innovation. It puts her at the forefront of her industry.
Creative solutions came thick and fast and rarely were they altered, such is her ability to get it right 'first time'. Needless to say, this is both cost saving and crucial in maintaining deadlines.
It is obvious that Julie thrives in her work and those fortunate enough to discover her will benefit enormously.


Brooke Taylor

KIDS PREP CO: Brand development, product development and packaging, web development, social media creation and support, stationery, conceptualisation, image editing.

Education, Children's Health

Brooke Taylor

Thank you Julie. Your creativity is amazing. I love working with you and I am so excited to be launching my product with amazing logos and branding.


Cameron Cresswell

Referred by:
Tina Ball & Alan Ball

AUTOMOTIVE TALENT: Brand development, web design specs, social media support, stationery, photography editing, conceptualisation.

Human resources, recruitment, automotive

Cameron Cresswell

I was refered to Julie by a mutual friend. I can tell you that I am ecstatic they did. The process of brand development working with Julie is easy. All that I needed to do was give a brief outline, and she took it from there with logo, print, social media, html coding, etc. I am over the moon with the results. Her professionalism, communication, and turn around time have also been beyond my expectations. Thanks for partnering with me on this journey Julie, and I look forward to continuing our relationship.


Dina Matty
& Keith Matty

Referred by:
Karen & Andrew Baildon

PULSE PILATES INSURANCE: Interactive application form, website graphics, web page design

PULSE PILATES & FITNESS: Re-branding, Wordpress responsive website design and development, social media sites, social media graphics, stationery.

Fitness, health, insurance

Dina Matty

Julie McCoy is a lifesaver. She is the best Web Designer And Brand Developer I have come across. She is so efficient and always on top of changes that need to be made. As someone who has limited knowledge of Websites she has been guiding me on how to use mine . Since I have been with her I have had a lot of comments about the site looking very professional and easy to follow.
Also I have had a lot more enquiries in the business which is the whole reason I need a professional and she certainly is that. I would highly recommend Julie to any company whether it be a small one or a giant corporation.


Penel McCarthy,
Pat McCarthy,
Ryan McCarthy

Referred by:
Supplier: Greg Wolfenden

PENEL McCARTHY DESIGNS (PMD): Logo design, social media graphics, business cards.

ROMEO SIERRA: Logo design, business cards.

CARNEY McCARTHY: Logo design, website design and development, sales tools, packaging/labels, forms, admin support, posters

UNDERPILLOW (Joint Venture with Penel McCarthy, Julie McCoy and Alana A'Vard): Brand development, website design and development, social media graphics and management, product design and production management, posters, promotional materials, logistics.

PJ'S ISLAND: Logo design, business cards, labels.

BRAND POINT: Brand development, stationery, email signatures, support tools, initial website design and development.

PRESTIGE BRANDS AUSTRALIA: Brand development, stationery, powerpoint presention, brochure design.

THE PERFUME CONNECTION: Client for 7 years - from 8 stores to 36. Brand positioning statements, brand development, corporate brochure (using existing logo), stationery, forms, administration and training support materials, store signage design, product conceptualisation, interior design image conceptualisation, uniform design, initial website design and development, point of sale promotions (posters, digital screen graphics, flyers, tent cards, wobblers, badges), retail packaging, merchandising, special promotions, event materials, award submissions, advertising.

PHARMACY FRAGRANCE DISTRIBUTORS: Re-branding, sales catalogues, stationery, posters, forms.

TOMMY HILFIGER USA (Australia): Promotional materials.

ACCOUSTIC IMAGE: Logo design, packaging design, warranty card.

Retail, wholesale, distribution, importing, fashion, jewellery, beauty, cosmetics, toiletries, fragrance, giftwares, hospitality

Pat and Penel McCarthy

I have always valued the passion, zeal, professionalism and incredible attention to detail that you applied to bring your commercial briefs ‘to life’. It was clearly evident in all the work you did for Zarraffa’s over the years, just as it was in your similar role developing and growing The Perfume Connection brand. Well done!


Julie McCoy Graphic Design has worked with The Perfume Connection and our team for more than 6 years. In the early stages of our company's growth, Julie's assistance was an essential part of our logo development and branding, as well as providing countless in-store promotional materials and direct-mail initiatives. Julie's capabilities and talents surpassed those of most agencies or graphic design houses, and her ability to out source printing for the right price was an integral part of our business needs. Julie posses an amazing talent for her field, once briefed, her creative ideas were succinct and imaginative. Deadlines are always met, and a high level of professionalism is exhibited both within our company structure, and externally on our company's behalf. Julie is clearly capable of taking any graphic design initiative from planning stage to complete execution, including liaising between photographers, printers, publishers, media and shop fitting. Personally, Julie is an effective communicator who holds herself to very high standards. Julie is savvy within her industry and her business acumen is one of which others could learn from. We thoroughly enjoy working with Julie and we intend on enjoying the benefits of her quality for a long time!


Alan Ball & Tina Ball

MRCRM: Brand development, web design specs, stationery, vehicle wrap graphics .

BALL REALTY: Brand development, website graphics, stationery, sales tools, vehicle wrap design

MRSMS: Brand development, website design specifications, image editing.

AUTO AD: Brand development, website graphics, stationery

CY RENT A CAR: Brand development, website graphics, stationery

CRM, IT, real estate, advertising, automotive

Alan Ball

Fantastic ideas, able to turn even the lightest of briefs and turn it in to the most perfect 'fit' for the client. Julie's work is nothing short of stunning. Attention to detail immense, client satisfaction, enormous.


Melinda Ward &
Scott O'Leary

LINEAR 56 DESIGN 2013:Brand repositioning to reflect company structure change: Logo design, responsive website development, stationery.

LINEAR 56 DESIGN 2006: Brand development, stationery, forms, signage.

Architectural design

Samantha Ward

Referred by:
Melinda Ward

STEPPING STONES FOR LIFE PHSYCHOLOGY: Brand development, stationery, flyers, signage.

Health, medical

Daniel Schoch

DEVOUR BREADS • CAFE RE-BRAND FROM BAKER'S CLUB: Brand development, php website update to incorporate new branding, social media transfer and setup, shop fit-out graphics x 3 stores, awning graphics, barrier graphics, menu boards, loyalty cards, advertising, mail drop brochures, digital advertising.

Hospitality, catering

Diane Coleman &
Martin Coleman

BIKU RE-BRAND FROM SAMSARA BUNDALL: Brand development, social media transfer and setup, conceptualisation, launch posters, signage, product packaging and labelling, point of sale materials (custom gift wrap, gift bags, gift vouchers), stationery, advertising, forms

Retail, homewares, furniture

Chris Gardner &
Maureen Gardner

Referred by:
Previously worked together at Conrad Jupiters

CATALYST HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT: Brand development, website design and development, presentation document, stationery.

MON KOMO HOTEL (CHM): Brand standards, website design and development, special promotional materials (posters, flyers, vouchers, invites, cards), social media graphics, menus, posters, various outlet logo designs, advertising, signage, conference materials, loyalty cards, banners, product packaging and labelling.

MONA VALE HOTEL (CHM): Outlet logo designs, promotional materials (posters, flyers, vouchers, invites, cards), menus, posters, advertising, signage, loyalty cards.

TATLER EVENTS: Brand development, stationery.

IMG HONDA INDY (Tatler Events Management): Corporate brochure, advertising.

IMG WORLD FIGURE SKATING (Tatler Events Management): Logo design, brochure.

IMG MERCEDES BENZ CUP (Tatler Events Management): Logo design, brochure, advertising

EDWARD DE BONO CENTRE FOR THINKING: Logo development, promotional materials, stationery, forms, advertising.

ROYAL QUEENSLAND SHOW - EKKA (Tatler Events Management) - 4YRS: All promotional materials (brochures, flyers, posters), special event materials (ticketing, invites, posters, support materials), signage, maps, newsletters, stationery, advertising.

ROYAL QUEENSLAND AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY (Tatler Events Management) - 4YRS: Stationery, advertising, brochure, presentation folder.

MAGIC MILLIONS Magazine (conceptualisation, photography direction, design, production management), sales kit (brochure, presentation folder, cards).

RED CROSS (Tatler Events Management): Special event promotional materials.

EDWARD DE BONO CENTRE FOR THINKING: Logo development, promotional materials, stationery, forms, advertising.

FEAST OF BROADBEACH FESTIVAL: Logo development, magazine, promotional materials, signage, advertising.

Corporate, hospitality, events, personal development, training

Chris GardnerI have utilised Julie McCoy’s services on many projects involving brand development, logo and website design and artwork for printed material including in-house collateral and external advertising. I have always found Julie to be highly creative with the ability to ensure branding and artwork is well suited for its target audience. She is very efficient in meeting tight deadlines and takes a good deal of care in ensuring the material she produces is both accurate and complete. I have no hesitation in recommending Julies services to any business or company that is looking for highly effective graphic design input.


Maureen GardnerVery rarely does one find a true professional that you can completely trust with your brand/brief - let alone a person that is fun to work with and able to deliver to deadline! So several years ago when I was fortunate enough to find Julie McCoy to do work on my graphic and website design, I was ecstatic! Due to Julie's expert eye for detail and dedicated approach to her work, I have always felt I can relax in the knowledge that everything will be perfectly executed and thoroughly checked and delivered on time, on budget. Her expertise in production ensures every job that goes to the printer has been carefully screened to ensure there are no delays or unexpected surprises and at all times she takes a very personal interest in your objectives as a client. I am naturally very happy to commend her work to anyone seeking a creative and professional designer, who also has a sound understanding of budget management.


2 Stubborn Mules
Ashmore State School
Assist A Sista
Bhudevi Skin Care & Day Spa
BTACS (Accountants) Pty Ltd
BTACS Financial Pty Ltd
Casino Meat Packers
Caterers Culinaire
Countrybelle Clothing
Edward de Bono Centre For Thinking
Evolution Facility Management (Mining)
Fertility Gold Coast
"Julie managed our transition through several image changes, her work was exemplary!!! She is amazing to work with, great ideas and extremely professional. Julie offers a complete branding solution. We are extremely grateful to her.
Focus On Women Physiotherapy
Friday Warriors (non-profit organisation)
GC Compound Skate Park
Global2U Online Store
Griffith Uni School of Tourism & Hospitality
Grumpy's Bar and Restaurant Broadbeach
"On behalf of Grumpy’s Barefoot Bar Steak & Seafood Grill, we would like to thank and congratulate you, on a spectacular effort in re-branding our business. The increase of business due to the work you have done has been remarkable. From day one you listened to our thoughts and concerns and came up with the best solutions! Julie, you went above and beyond our expectations, even now you are still sending us new ideas for the future, it’s fantastic – all the little things that we just don’t even think about. We were privileged to have used your services and would gladly recommend you to anyone in the future!"
Head Start Technologies (Ozone Generators)
Health Coach Centre (Integrated Therapy)
Holiday Connect
Liaison's Cafe
Irikanji Natural Skin Care
Executive Chef Alan Jane
Finn Roache Lawyers - Sydney
Java Gourmet Coffee Co.  
The Maroon Group (Mining Facilities)
Maxwell's Skin & Body Clinic
Exec. Pastry Chef Mervin McCoy
Sue Meteyard
Outrigger Sun City Resort
Parkroyal Hotel Surfers Paradise
"Following my retirement from Retail Food Group, my friends at Zarraffa's Coffee recommended Julie McCoy to work on the brand development for my new project. Since the beginning I have found Julie McCoy to be very professional in her approach and understanding, in control of the purpose and direction of the brand and despite her busy schedule dedicated to the needs of people like me. Her vision is to be admired and her passion for a ‘job well done’ remains consistently strong. I have the utmost confidence any work undertaken by Julie will be completed on time and presented exactly how it should be. I have no hesitation in recommending her services."
RizeUp Australia
Dr Susan Roberts Psychiatrist
S & L Agencies Pty Ltd (Distribution)
Executive Chef Damian Snell
South Tweed Bowls Club
Staar Fitness
Steadfast Solicitors
Trelivings & Earthly Possessions
Ugg Australian Made Since 1974
Voyager Technologies International (IT)
Zarraffa's Coffee Group
"Julie in a phrase: ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ Julie is an exceptionally creative, pro-active and free thinker, who conceptualises and creates on tap. Plant the seed of what you're looking for, and your inbox will fill up with great images, text ideas and concepts for your brand. From Point of Sale, to Website Ideas, to Experiential Concepts, Julie can, and more importantly WILL, provide the platform for a great campaign. For XTC Sport Ltd [UK], Julie being based in Australia is also great, because she's ahead in time zones, I normally wake up to the type of problems I want from Julie; the sequence of events is normally ‘Is this ok for you?’, I say ‘yes’ - it goes live. It has been great working with Julie, and I plan on doing it a lot more."
Zeo Skin

Julie brings meticulous craftsmanship together with wild creativity in combinations that enhance the final products. We have to date worked together on three product lines, in support of our mutual clients. We now look for openings in her schedule to recommend her to our other clients, because her work simply makes us look better.

WALTER BURT - The Black River Co. Inc. Shanghai

I have worked with Graphic Designers and Design Agencies around the world, including Saatchi and Saatchi, for over 20 years; and would rate Julie McCoy's work amongst the best of them.

Steven Coling, Director - Magnascan

I've had the good fortune to work in conjunction with Julie in the delivery of a mutual client's website. Her execution and attention to detail is of extremely high calibre and her creative skill as a designer and communicator is first class. I would not hesitate in recommending Julie, or her company to anyone seeking professional and well thought out creative services.

Aaron Turner-Jones, Owner, Co-Founder, Creative Director - Thinking Cap Studios Pty Ltd

Julie McCoy is an accomplished designer who shows professionalism in the preparation of printing files which are hassle free and ready to go. Julie shows genuine care for her clients' needs with attention to detail, be it quality of print, colour match or stock selection for the printed article until completion of that job to her satisfaction.This can only be good news for her customers.

Ian Fraser, Director - FPC Printers

Julie McCoy is one of the best designers in Queensland and certainly the best we deal with. That type of quality is worth paying a bit more for.

Jim O'Reilly, Director - Image Techniques