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RizeUp Australia


Following on from the success of AssistASista Australia, Nicolle Edwards, Gareth Edwards, Sonia Deakin and I established RizeUp Australia, with the aim to rapidly increase awareness and support for families affected by Domestic Violence.

With a bigger picture in mind, we created a gender neutral brand positioning standpoint, with the vision to actively engage men to speak out and make a stand against violence, to really make a difference at the core of the issue. Further, the team aimed to tackle common issues by introducing experts to mentor and motivate those starting anew - stars rising up together for the greater good.

With a remarkable pool of volunteers; men and women from all walks of life, Patrons Shelley Craft and Mia Freedman were soon joined by Rugby League legends Wally Lewis and Petero Civoniceva, and with the support of Queensland Rail and Queensland Rugby League, we quickly attained a remarkable celebrity and sporting following. Everyone coming together to rise up against Domestic and Family Violence.

Kindly supported again by my remarkable clients Signal Advantage and Signal Events, and my suppliers; Grafex, Magnascan and a generous printer who chooses to remain anonymous.

Following 3 intense years of leadership duties, brand development and management, graphic design, digital design and web development spanning AssistASista Australia and RizeUp Australia, in September 2017, with standards well established and both brands well recognised, I confidently handed over the reins to another designer.

RizeUp Australia continues to evolve and the directors and volunteers are tireless in their resolve to end Domestic Violence, and, as I stepped back, my partner, Chef Iain McCombe, stepped up as a volunteer - we all have our role to play.


"Firstly I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for all that you have done for me and for RizeUp. Your branding is incredibly eye catching and so professional and your attention to detail is meticulous. Thank you for caring so much about RizeUp and the profile and spending so much of your time creating all our assets which I’m sure you have noticed we use daily!"


Ray Dib

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